Chapter 4: The Brass Plates

For this lesson I decided to try something different. It is like 6 or 7 printed pages long. And I thought having a visual aid might help them enjoy and remember it better. So I remembered those Flannel boards that I've seen around with felt characters. And I knew it would be easy, cheap, and fun for them. (If I had access to all my crafting supplies. I may have done things differently.) I think a magnet board would be even better because you could use all these people at church on the chalkboards for primary lessons. I think I will eventually laminate (my laminator is in storage) and put magnets on the back and turn the flannel board into a magnet board. But for the time being, this is fast and working really great! 

To make a flannel board you need a few supplies: 
1) a board or painting canvas (use a 40% off coupon at Joanns or Michaels)
2) 1 yard or less of your choice of color flannel. (I have heard blue or black is best) I did white. I wish I would have listened : ) 
3) Felt sticky sheets (found in the craft kid section) 
4) A colored printer 
5) a staple gun or if you don't have access to one or yours is in storage ; ) You could use packing tape for a temporary fix. 

Please borrow a staple gun. Using tape totally cracked me up! You just want to pull it as tight as you can so the flannel is snug on your board. 

Then I printed out the pictures from the digital copy HERE on to cardstock. Then I cut up all the pictures and numbered them. There were a lot so it would be easy to mix them up. Then I cut up rectangles of the sticky felt and stuck them on. It would be better to have just stuck all the cut out pictures on to the sticky side of felt so that they were completely covered in felt. But I was in a hurry and didn't want to use pages and pages of felt on one story. 
Here you see I numbered them and stuck on the sticky felt. 

Here I am telling the story and setting the felt pictures onto the flannel board. I would let the kids help put them on as we went along. They really enjoyed it! 

NOTE: If you want actual Book of Mormon Characters you can get FREE ones... Yes I said FREE here on this amazing blog! She doesn't have the lessons for each book of mormon story. They are from Friend Magazine stories. But a lot of them go with the stories. And Guess what she has Old Testament and New Testament ones too!! 
I found one for the Brass plates and did it along side all the printed cards you see above on the board. 

I think an adorable craft or treat would be those cute BRASS PLATES candy I found on my Pinterest. I am so bummed the link was broken and doesn't lead to anyone. So if anyone know who deserves credit or has a tutorial let me know. Here's a picture for inspiration though: 

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