Chapter 5: Traveling in the wilderness

This lesson could be made into something really fun and memorable. This is where we learn about the Liahona and Nephi's bow breaking. A fun activity could be making a bow and arrow or a Liahona! I saw this cute idea where she used a gerbel ball and painted it gold. You can find her blog HERE.

(photos from: or click HERE ) 

Speaking of this blog A HOUSE OF LEARNING,PRAYER, and LITTLE ONES. She does an incredible "Mormon Camp" with her kids. They basically go through all the stories and do awesome activities with it. Great for good fun ideas with kids!

It was late and we were short on time. And my Kids love doing these scripture stories! They beg all day long!! So I only had time to tell them the story and we drew pictures of what happened in the story. The possibilities are endless with this and I can't wait do something really awesome next time!

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