Lesson 1: How we got the Book of Mormon

We just moved to Pennsylvania and most of our stuff is in storage while our home is being built for the next 3 months. So my copy of Book of Mormon stories is in a box somewhere. I just went to Lds.org and found the digital copy HERE. I printed it off and now I can keep all of our pictures and drawings with this lesson. I'm going to make a scripture study binder and keep it all in there. I think it will be so funny for the kids to see as they get older. We can laugh about all their pictures. They are pretty cute! : )

(Notice the top right picture. It's Joseph Smith holding a Book of Mormon couldn't you tell?!)

I followed my steps like I explained in the previous post HERE.

1) Explain : I told the story to them and I make them repeat me if it's a name like JOSEPH SMITH or ANGEL MORONI. And I ask questions along the way to see if they know. Like I said who visited Josep and my five year shouted "JESUS and GOD!"

2) Draw:  I told them to draw a picture about what we just learned. I gave suggestions " you can draw Joseph Smith, or Jesus and Heavenly Father visiting him, or Angel Moroni. Or maybe the Book of Mormon in the Hill"

3) Smash book picture: I drew numbers and pictures to make it easy for them to tell the story and remember important details.

4) Game: There was a game online on LDS.org it was a puzzle. My kids love puzzles! They had so much fun doing it! You can find the link to the Joseph Smith one HERE.

Here are a few pictures of our fun Lesson that took maybe 20 minutes from start to finish!

Playing the puzzle game

Drawing is not my best talent! haha But it gets the job done! : ) 

Teaching the Book of Mormon to little ones

I have been searching high and low for ideas or print outs for teaching little ones the stories in the book of mormon. We are pretty religious about reading our scriptures every night. They both can't read yet (2 boys 3 and 5 not yet in school) So we read the words, they repeat us and we take turns. I'm pretty sure they don't learn or hear much. They will ask what a word means every now and then. But I knew I needed to do something more. I really want my kids to KNOW the stories and gain a testimony of them at a young age. I feel like reading with them every night is a good habit for our family to get into even though they may not understand the words. I love that we get to feel the spirit and teach them that is so important to our family to do this each night. But I still have been feeling like I could do more. So I bought the BOOK OF MORMON STORIES with the pictures and brief descriptions. They seemed to really like that. But I still wanted more.

So here is my plan: We are going to go through the BOOK OF MORMON STORIES reader.
-I explain each story and the pictures.
-Then we draw a picture of what we just learned
-I draw a smash book type picture to help them be able to tell the story.
-We play a game that has to do with that lesson.

So simplified:
1) Explain
2) Draw picture
3)Smash Book style picture

Lesson 1 will be in the next post!

I can't wait to do the Old and New Testament after this!