UPDATE: You can download this printable HERE at our new blog LACEY PLACEY.

I am now in the world of Primary! And loving every second of it. I have so many fun ideas BREWING in my mind! We wanted to make some cute treats for all of the awesome teachers in Primary(our teachers are seriously AMAZING!!). So this is what I came up with:

We attached this with a red bow and red Swedish Fish. Would be cute with Goldfish too! We try to do a treat for the teachers every quarter. We bring all the teachers up at the beginning of Sharing Time and tell all the kids that we are so grateful for their awesome teachers who work so hard and prepare awesome lessons. Then we ask the kids to all say THANK YOU out loud. I'm the new girl so this is all new to me but I think it's so sweet and so good for the kids to hear!

Saying Goodbye to Young Women

I was HEART BROKEN when I found out I was leaving Young Women! I cried a lot at first. But then I realized I was needed somewhere else. I wanted the girls to know how much I love them and how much I was going to miss them. I don't know if they felt it or if they will ever truly know. But I made this little handout and attached it with a bow and jelly beans! I was so proud I didn't even cry when I handed it out and said my goodbyes ; ) I really feel so lucky to have served in Young Women. It's such a special place.

Teacher Gifts Fall 2013

This is the 2nd year I've sent kids to Preschool. I finally got the hint that it's nice to send in treats for the teacher. (I didn't remember to do anything for the teachers on any occasion last year) Trying to make up for it! : )
I have 2 little boys in Preschool this year so I decided to make 2 different ones.
I attached to the white chocolate covered pretzels "FLIPS" brand with a bow

I attached with a big bag of starbursts and a bow