Chapter 6: Lehi's Dream

I have been studying Lehi's Dream in my own personal study. And I have realized how much I love this story and how much it applies to our lives. So I really wanted my kids to understand this and remember his dream. For this I turned to an awesome Etsy shop TimeSavors. You can find here HERE. You can download the entire Book Of Mormon character sets for $4.99 or purchase them from her with magnets, felt, or laminated for around 10-15$. Such reasonable prices!! I am so happy I found her! So I printed out the ones that applied to Lehi's dream and stuck them on the sticky felt. I showed you how to do this in THIS POST.

These are the ones I printed off that all had pieces I needed. She gives you a character guide that tells you what figures you need for what story. 

 These are all the ones I used. This is after I printed, stuck them on sticky felt, and cut them out. 

I keep them in order in my book by chapter in a clear protective sleeve. I think ziploc bags would work better. 

Then I saw she had a downloadable Book of Mormon Bingo Set so I couldn't resist! The boys loved it! 

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