FHE: Obedience

First I had the boys help me build a circular fence out of blocks. Then I made up a story about 2 kids who got a dog. He kept escaping and he even almost got hit by a car. So they built a fence to keep him safe. They knew that he needed to obey and stay inside the fence to stay safe.

Rules and commandments are given to us to keep us safe. We then talked about other rules that keep us safe.

-wearing seatbelts
-looking both ways before we cross the street

Then we talked about stop lights and how if we didn't obey the rules and stop on red we could crash and get hurt. Stop lights help keep us safe.

Then we made Stoplights out of construction paper and taped on Thick popsicle sticks so we could hold them like signs.

For our game we played Red Light Green Light with our new stoplights. The kids absolutely loved it!

Here's a little video : )

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